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Optical inspection equipment

LSC-6000 Series

Film Inspection System

The LSC-6000 series is an In-Line (roll-to-roll) method that is surface inspection device for continuous film production lines.

It has its own image processing function and is suitable for continuous film inspection such as high functional film (optical film), resin plate, metal plate, paper, nonwoven fabric, etc.


System Features

  • 1

  • Functional Detachable
    High Reliability System

  • Inspection processing unit that performs
    Real Time processing of camera signals
  • The inspection processing unit provides
    fault data in the Back-up and Display Client units
  • 2

  • Sensing Optimal
    for Defect Targets

  • Reflection Characteristic Defect
    Detection Optical System
  • Transmission Characteristics Defect
    Detection Optical System
  • 3

  • Self-development
    of Components

  • Line CCD Camera (1,024~16,384 pixel / 640MHz)
  • Line lighting(Fiber light, LED light.)
  • High Speed Image processing board
  • High Speed Image processing software
  • 4

  • Image ProcessingTechnology
    Based on Unique Algorithms

  • Shading Image Calibration Processing
  • Defect classification based on defect characteristics
  • Data highlighting
  • Periodic decision processing
  • Dense decision processing
  • Managing Inspection Data

  • Data Back-Up
  • CSV Transformation of Data
  • Chart Output of Data
  • Display of Realtime / Historical Data

  • Display detection data list
  • Display detected images
  • Seat Defective Deployment Map
  • Fault detection simulation

System Basic Configuration Example


Line sensor camera
for inspection

It is possible to propose an optimal optical system using our own developed line sensor camera. It's a camera developed by our company, so it's maintained for a long time.Realize remuneration.


a lighting

It is possible to propose various lighting devices according to the products subject to inspection, such as LED lighting and optical fiber lighting developed by our company.
※ It can be applied to various inspection targets. (This page introduces only the main products.)


Fiber Lighting

A special lighting device specialized in detecting scratches (gas) by using special processing technology to realize the emission of cross light by arranging the fiber on a slope.