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  Battery Testing System
  Crimping M/C
Welding M/C
Electrolyte Filling M/C
Beading M/C
Coating M/C
Winding M/C
Roll Pressing M/C


Coating된 극판을 Roll로 Pressing함으로써 두께균일과 극판의 density를 증가시키는 장비

· Hydraulic Pressure : 15tons(2Roll Type)
· Substrate : Al foil, Cu foil
· Thickness of electrode : Coatde part 200~500um
Uncoated part 8~20um
· Weight of main body : approx 1,200kg
· Roll Balancing : Oil hydraulic pressing / Wedge clearance control
· Free choice of the value of pressure & clearance
· Continuous rolling of plate & hoop-shape substrates
· Dust Eliminator attached
· Digital display of set pressure and set thick

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